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About Us

As a no-kill shelter and the very first nonprofit organization in Kosovo, we are able to rescue hundreds of cats every year by working with a network of volunteers, advocates, foster caregivers, international organizations, and local veterinarians.


Our Story

Leading the Way  


For more than 20 years, Merita Krasniqi has been a dedicated cat rescuer, providing shelter and love to homeless cats in Kosovo and Sweden. Her modest 4-bedroom home has served as a shelter for as many as 35 cats at a time, oftentimes covering all costs from her personal finances.


MCatS (Merita’s Cat Shelter), named after our compassionate member, was established in 2021 by a few volunteers and animal-rights advocates. Every member of our team is passionate about helping animals in need. We all have adopted, rescued, and cared for stray cats (and dogs), and we hope to continue to give support to our community, raise awareness and find happy forever homes for our cats.


MCatS mission is to rescue Kosovo cats in need and to promote compassion in our communities through education and advocacy efforts

Our Values

  • Compassion

  • Commitment

  • Animal Rights Advocacy

Meet The Team

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